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Author: Petya Grozdarska

Top 3 Most Used Profiling Characteristics

Posted by in Adtailor

Before you start personalizing, it’s important to define target groups for your products and services. Learn what profiling characteristics will help you shape the customer profile for your business and which of those traits are most commonly used.

Author: Betty Stefanova

How to Use Personalization in Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by in Content Marketing

Many marketers are struggling with how to apply content personalization effectively. That is why in this post we concentrate on some steps that will help you integrate personalization in your content marketing strategy smoothly and effectively.

Author: Petya Grozdarska

6 Powerful Marketing Tools For Your E-commerce Site

Posted by in E-commerce

Building an e-commerce business is not an easy task. Your site should not only be presentable and user-friendly but also easy to navigate and personalized. See the list of tools that might help you enhance your online store.

Author: Betty Stefanova

Why Marketers Must Start Personalizing ASAP?

Posted by in Content Marketing

What is personalization and why is it so important? How to achieve it at every stage of the sales funnel? We discuss these points and share more about personalized content, ads and offers and why it is important to start personalizing asap.

Author: Petya Grozdarska

What Is A Buyer Persona And How To Create It?

Posted by in Content Marketing

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional character that represents the perfect customer for your business. Buyer personas help you identify and better understand your best customers. This way it’s easier for you to tailor content that answers your clients’ specific needs, interests, behaviors, and expectations.

Author: Betty Stefanova

Why Is Smart Data a Game Changer for Your Business?

Posted by in Big Data

Quality should not come over quantity. The value of big data is not its size, but the insights that can be drawn from its analysis. In this article, we are discussing several key features and benefits of smart data for your business

Author: Petya Grozdarska

Is TechCrunch Disrupt Really That Disruptive?

Posted by in Events

Between May 9th and 11th, TechCrunch Disrupt took place in the vibrant New York City. Part of the Adtailor team participated in the huge tech startup conference as well. See how we prepared for the huge tech conference and what lessons we learned from the whole experience.

Author: Betty Stefanova

10 Tips on How to Create a Converting Landing Page

Posted by in Adtailor

A good landing page is at the basics of a successful online marketing campaign. In this blog post we share tips on how to design, structure and personalize your landing page to achieve high engagement and conversion.

Author: Betty Stefanova

Personalized Marketing Campaigns – How it’s done

Posted by in Adtailor

People do not skip ads because they are annoying, but because they are irrelevant. The new normal is personal! Check our suggestions and best practices on how personalized marketing is done.

Author: Petya Grozdarska

The Present and Future of Content Marketing: Big Data

Posted by in Big Data, Content Marketing

What is the most important purpose of content marketing? Giving value to your (potential) customers, of course. And how can you give them what they need and seek, if you don’t know who they are and what interests they have. This is where big data comes in to save you. No one can argue the fact that companies can leverage data in order to upgrade their products, customer service, content marketing, processes or really anything.

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