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Author: Jenny Parvanova

AI + Marketing = The Future Is Now

Posted by in Big Data

Let’s focus our attention on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and learn more about its implications in marketing, business, and personalization. Read on to find out about machine learning, dynamic pricing, predictive analysis, and how you can use all of that for the benefit of your business.

Author: Jenny Parvanova

The Black Hole In Big Data

Posted by in Big Data

Taking into account the holes in big data is important in order to understand the consumer behavior for your business.

Author: Jenny Parvanova

I Like Big Data and I Cannot Lie

Posted by in Big Data

Big Data is really a Big Thing. But when you live in a world that is changing every minute, you must be wise enough to capture the trends and use them in your business context. See what is in Big Data’s future for 2017.

Author: Betty Stefanova

Why Is Smart Data a Game Changer for Your Business?

Posted by in Big Data

Quality should not come over quantity. The value of big data is not its size, but the insights that can be drawn from its analysis. In this article, we are discussing several key features and benefits of smart data for your business

Author: Petya Grozdarska

The Present and Future of Content Marketing: Big Data

Posted by in Big Data, Content Marketing

What is the most important purpose of content marketing? Giving value to your (potential) customers, of course. And how can you give them what they need and seek, if you don’t know who they are and what interests they have. This is where big data comes in to save you. No one can argue the fact that companies can leverage data in order to upgrade their products, customer service, content marketing, processes or really anything.

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