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Adsimilis Montreal Recap: Optimization of Funnels and Landing Pages

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Last weekend came and went by and so did Adsimilis Montreal. But not without leaving great memories and sense of accomplishment and job well done.


Beautiful Montreal in September

About Adsimilis

Between 23 and 25 Sept, Montreal was the place to be for media buyers and performance marketers. Adsimilis became the home of Internet marketers from around the globe. Along with them was Adtailor, partaking in high-level networking, learning, and revelries. Our co-founder Kroum Vassilev was one of 6 speakers during the conference, shining some light on the topic of funnel and landing page optimization.

Kroum Vassilev at Adsimilis Montreal 2016

Adtailor’s Kroum Vassilev giving a talk at Adsimilis Montreal 2016

About The Sessions And Speakers

Adsimilis Meetup was built around 6 main sessions. Among the speakers was also Alex Tshering who shared invaluable insight about Facebook advertising and showed advanced FB techniques. Alex has years of experience managing over $4M a month of profitable spend for some of the largest DR agencies and brands in the US.

John Homyk, the co-founder of PayPerTrail, joined the event to share his experience in affiliate marketing and the right tools to use. John pointed out the mistakes 99% affiliates are making and how to avoid them.

Our very own Kroum Vassilev shared his input on how to make more money by tailoring  landing pages and flow. As you probably know, the team Adtailor is focused on delivering a great real-time personalization solution as we all believe optimization of such kind is becoming mandatory for business nowadays. The talk Kroum gave was focused on how to turn anonymous online visitors into customers. You can find the slides from the conference below.


Adsimilis merch

Greg Bratok, the CEO of H-Hour Media, presented the best practices from the military and the mining industries, and how to apply them to running campaigns, running a business and basically running your life. An interesting outlook to common problems!

Representing the ladies was Mirella Crespi. She dissected scaling through design, dialing up LTV while reducing acquisition costs, and leveraging the power of media buying to build a portfolio of long-term assets.

Last but definitely not least, we heard from Michael Ossendrijver, co-founder of Adsimilis. He talked about the way they’ve traveled so far, what he learned along that way and what he believes are the biggest trends and game changers that will shake up the industry moving forward.

It’s tough to say which talk we liked the best since they were all very interesting, enriching and shared from experience.

Some of the speakers at Adsimilis

With some of the speakers at Adsimilis

About Adtailor’s Presentation

The problem Kroum chose to focus on for his presentation at Adsimilis was “Funnel And Landing Page Optimization“. Everyone dealing with online marketing knows that every business has so many anonymous visitors, but they don’t always know how to engage and convert them. The truth is, if you want to engage someone, you need to get to know them first. With analytical and profiling tools such as Adtailor, personalization is available even for unknown users who have never visited your website.

The problem is, although the vast proportion of your web visitors will remain anonymous, most businesses are consumed with analyzing the 1-3% that convert to leads via download, sign-up or purchase, ignoring the enormous buying potential of the other 97-99%. More than 90% of businesses use content marketing in an attempt to educate their audience on the brand and its unique offerings. But conventional online and content marketing typically neglects the time between when your audience finds you and the time they become known to you – the entire mid-funnel. And there’s a cost.

This is exactly where the 97-99% of your anonymous visitors get lost. Without giving anonymous visitors the right content at the right time and context, you miss the opportunity to grab mindshare as they conduct their online research and before they contact you.

Take a look at the slides before to see the optimization solution we offer: Personalization!


This is was the 6th annual edition of the event. Previous years the meetup has taken place in Amsterdam, Ibiza, Dubai and Prague. We can’t wait till next year!

Have you visited Adsimilis before? What is your impression of the event? Share in the comments below.