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Generic vs Personalized Content

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Hello, John / Mary / David / Monica!

It would’ve been cool if the article started with a personal greeting with your name included, right? This is not so hard to be achieved for customers who have already registered on your website, created profiles and filled in their names in the registration form.

But what if a certain user visits your website for the first time? You don’t know their name, gender, occupation, health profile, financial status, education. Maybe you know their location or the browser and OS they’re using, but that’s that. It cannot give you much info on the interests, experience, needs, this person has.

Now let’s imagine there’s a tool that can help you get to know your customers better. Actually, let’s imagine there’s a tool that can help you get to know your customers as if you knew them in person. You could wow them with relevant content and offers, right? Well, now you can do all of that with Adtailor.

Generic content is being left behind, stepping out and letting personalization take the crown. Generic content serves no good purpose neither to the business nor to the consumer. It’s part of the “one size fits all” mindset, that is not up-to-date with today’s trends and customer preferences. Tailoring is the way to go.

Personalized Content Is More Relative

Personalization In Favor Of The Business And The Customers

We all know how much personalization is becoming more and more important for every marketer, every marketing and sales team, every business. And it makes sense for the consumers as well. Let’s see how:

What do customers want?

  • To see content that corresponds to their interests, location, lifestyle
  • To be offered products and services that answer to their needs
  • To see ads that are interesting and relevant to them and their previous choices
  • To get rid of repetitive ad banners that offer them cheap dog food when they don’t even have pets

What does the business want?

  • To sell the right products and services to the right customers
  • To maintain a relationship based on trust with their consumers
  • To keep a positive image and create interesting content that corresponds to their best customers
  • To keep good marketing and sales metrics: low bounce rate, high conversion rate, to engage and enchant their online visitors

The way to achieve all of those goals and needs mentioned above is personalization of content. What types of content? Anything you can think of: images, articles, banners, offers, landing pages, prices, ads, suggestions.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of generic vs personalized content to examine the advantages of customization.

Generic vs Personalized Content

E-commerce Offers: Skincare

Generic vs Personalized Image

In this example, we can see that the first image is the generic image shown in the offer to every visitor of a skin care e-commerce client of Adtailor. Using the profiling characteristics “age” and “ethnicity” the e-commerce business managed to tailor their offer which led to a 9% bump in engagement and a 12% increase in engagement. People respond more to visuals that they feel related to and thus they buy more.

Website Personalization: Home Page

Personalization by location

Here we notice that the home page looks different for the LA audience. Personalization by location has been used to make the visitor more related to the promotions available on the website.

E-mail Personalzation

Personalization in email

Personalization is easily applied in e-mail marketing as well. It’s even easier because you usually have basic info like names (which helps you define gender), age, location, shopping habits. It’s important to use all the data you have. We’ve stressed before on the importance of turning big data into smart data but we’re saying it again: data and how you use it is your most powerful tool when it comes to satisfying customers’ needs!

Personalized Marketing Messages

Personalized Message

Which message do you think Jessica is more likely to respond to? People like personalized content because of one more reason: it makes them feel important, it makes them feel like valued clients.

Personalization In A Nutshell

What is Personalization


To summarize, personalization is basically giving you the opportunity to show people what they want to see. This way the business has access to the right customers for their products. Both parties benefit from this. If you still haven’t found a way to work tailored content into your marketing strategy, drop us a line and we’ll help you get started and move along the way of increased engagement, conversions, and profit. Let’s Adtailor your business!