Author: Petya Grozdarska

Top 3 Most Used Profiling Characteristics

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As we already pointed out, knowing your target customers and making sure you personalize their experience, are vital points in a successful marketing and sales approach. Determining the characteristics of the target group(s) is one of the foundations of a good marketing strategy. It shows what you need to focus on, what content to create and promote, what approach to use.

Creating buyer personas is a good way to start building your target groups. Once you have a rough “image” of your best customers, you can start tailoring your content – images, articles, landing pages, ad banners, why not prices too. This is actually the core functionality that Adtailor presents – profiling online visitors and customizing content depending on those profiles. Once you’ve seen the analytics of who your customers are, you can get busy making their user experience more personalized. And you can get to know your visitors by using more than 30 characteristics to profile them: age, health status, education, financial status, and more exotic ones like diabetes screening, smoking, excessive drinking, physical inactivity, etc.

A lot of our clients are curious which of those characteristics are used the most. It’s time to answer this question.


When you try to profile your target group…

Age Group

This is perhaps the most commonly used characteristic when it comes to profiling and personalization. It is often a starting point. We’ve all heard the quote “Age is just a number”. Well, when it comes to marketing and sales, it is a lot more than that.

While customers of different ages may buy your products or services, it is very helpful to know the primary ages of your most common customers. For instance, fashion retail stores often target a younger female audience. In this case, an age range like 18 to 30 is often used to depict the likely consumer.

Let’s take another example: an e-commerce for cosmetics and skincare. They usually have a younger target group, such as teenage girls who would most likely need products like face cleansers and anti-acne lotions. At the same time, the store could also target older women with products like anti wrinkle creams. Here’s why this e-commerce business would want to show different offers to their different groups of customers. In this case, personalization comes not handy anymore, but imperative.


People need different products depending on their age.


We all want equality, but recognize that our race makes us different. Our ethnic group is responsible for a lot of conditioning in our lifestyle: hair products we use, food we eat, clothes we wear, places we go.

Race and ethnicity are common, but not universally used, demographic traits in customer profiles. Some ethnic-oriented specialty supermarkets target customers with specific ethnic origins. A Hispanic grocer would naturally target a consumer of Hispanic ethnicity who has a desire for certain types of foods and products familiar to his native culture.

By simply using a picture of a person from the same ethnic group as your customer, you will make them feel more related to the product and this will result in more engagement and conversions. By Adtailoring just 2 variables, a client of ours noticed a 9% overall bump in conversions and 12% increase in engagement!

Profiling characteristics - ethnicity

Education and Income

A few different profiling characteristics can be combined in this category. Information like household income, poverty level, unemployment, education can be used to get an idea about the lifestyle of the customer. The aim of these qualities is to determine how educated your customer is, where he works and how much he makes. Businesses that sell high-end products and services often target upper-income consumers that can afford and want their goods. Low-cost providers usually target people with lower-to-middle-class income with messages of low price, affordability or great value. Knowing the buying potential of your customer can help define your prices, promotions, discounts you’re giving, or it can also advise you what interests rates to impose if you’re selling financial products.

You can check out all profiling characteristics Adtailor currently offers by taking a look at the API. We’re currently working on adding more and more variables so that you can get a better understanding of your customers’ needs.