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What Is A Buyer Persona And How To Create It?

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You run a business or are responsible for a huge part of one? You’re a Marketing or Sales manager, have an e-commerce store or you do affiliate marketing? If so, do you answer to all of the following questions affirmative:

  • Do you think you know your customers?
  • Can you describe them in a few sentences?
  • Do you know how they spend their leisure time, when do they go online, what sites they surf, what goals they have?

If no, then maybe creating a buyer persona (or a few of them) will be really helpful for your business!

What Is A Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional character that represents the perfect customer for your business. It’s based on market research and real data about your already existing customers. Buyer personas help you identify and better understand your best customers. This way it’s easier for you to tailor content that answers your clients’ specific needs, interests, behaviors, and expectations.

It’s hard to tell how many buyer personas your business needs because it’s very specific but the number can vary from 2-3 to 10-20. It’s best to start with a few and add more if needed.

Developing buyer persona is crucial to your business

What Is A Negative Persona?

A negative persona is the opposite of a buyer persona. Those are the customers that you don’t want and don’t need. Those may be people who are too advanced for the types of services you offer or students who only engage for the free booklets and guides you release, or simply people who cannot afford your product or service.

Having negative personas will help you reduce costs such as cost per customer acquisition or cost per lead.

How Can You Use Buyer Personas?

Basically, creating and developing buyer personas can help you in tailoring and targeting content such as articles, images, offers, products, services. In simple words, having buyer personas helps you create and target messages that appeal to your customers.

For example, one use of the buyer personas you have could be to send more personalized mails to your leads and prospects. You can segment the different types of people and send them a message that is based on what you know about them.

How To Create Buyer Personas?

To create a buyer persona you need as much info as you can get – research, questionnaires, interviews, surveys.

You can start with what you already know about your existing customers. You can single out those who bring you the most profit, value, traffic or whatever measurement criteria you use. After that, you can reach out and ask them questions that would help you get a better understanding of their lifestyle. Those customers can offer you an insight into their day-to-day lives:

  • What products do they use?
  • What do they like about those products and your product in particular?
  • Which sites do they surf?
  • How much time do they spend on those different sites?
  • What industry or field do they come from?
  • What background do they have?
  • What are they looking for?
  • and whatever else might be relevant to you.

You can either interview them on the phone or send them a survey to fill out. But keep in mind that a personal contact such as the phone call would most likely give you more precious and insightful info.

An example buyer persona template - Marketing Mary

Check out this example of a buyer persona – meet Marketing Mary


Don’t forget to talk to your Sales team and get the feedback they already have from communicating closely with prospects and customers.

Something else you can do is study the data you already have.

  • Do you notice any trends in the lists of clients?
  • Do you see something similar between the leads you’ve generated?
  • Who are your visitors and where do they come from?
  • Where do conversions happen?
  • What do those conversions have in common?
  • and anything else that might point at certain patterns in behaviour or attitude.

At Adtailor we can help you with the analytics part as well! Our software is created to show different content to different visitors (meaning you can use it for content personalization) but this is all based on a specific analysis. We provide info about your visitors such as:

  • Where does the customer come from?
  • What education do they have?
  • What health or financial profile do they have?
  • What ethnic and age group do they represent?
  • and many other characteristics.

Think of ways to improve the ways you gather further info. You can add questions in the registration forms to find out more about the size of the company they work in, the social media channels they use, anything really. But keep it short because long registration forms are a turn-off!

A good tool to help you begin the journey of creating a buyer persona is MakeMyPersona by HubSpot. You can name your personas like Marketing Mary, HR Hannah, Finance Frank, etc. :)

Stay tuned on our blog for more practical advice for your marketing campaigns and strategies. And keep in mind that one size does not fit all, always customize your content!