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Author: Betty Stefanova

Personalized Marketing Campaigns – How it’s done

Posted by in Adtailor

People do not skip ads because they are annoying, but because they are irrelevant. The new normal is personal! Check our suggestions and best practices on how personalized marketing is done.

Author: Petya Grozdarska

The Present and Future of Content Marketing: Big Data

Posted by in Big Data, Content Marketing

What is the most important purpose of content marketing? Giving value to your (potential) customers, of course. And how can you give them what they need and seek, if you don’t know who they are and what interests they have. This is where big data comes in to save you. No one can argue the fact that companies can leverage data in order to upgrade their products, customer service, content marketing, processes or really anything.

Author: Petya Grozdarska

What You Miss If You Don’t Customize Your Content

Posted by in Content Marketing

Customization, or tailoring of your content, is getting more and more advanced with the development of new technologies and big data. We all know our customers are different. So why don’t we offer them only what they need and tailor our content so that we stay relevant?

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